Longview Truck Accident Lawyer

If you or a member of your family is involved in a serious collision with an 18 wheeler, you are likely to be overwhelmed with medical, emotional and financial issues and not at all prepared to deal with your claim. Unfortunately, time is not on your side. In a major truck collision, the trucking company and its insurance carrier usually have their own accident investigators and re-constructionists on the scene within hours after the collision occurs. It is extremely important to your case that you contact an experienced attorney to assist you immediately so that an investigation on your behalf can began while the scene of the collision can still be documented and crucial evidence preserved. You need someone working for you and your family just as hard, if not harder, than the trucking company.

If you are going to protect your right to full compensation, you need your lawyer on the case, and your investigator at the scene of the accident as soon as possible. At Law Office of Bradley T. Steele, P.C. in Longview, we have an investigator, Kevin Oden, on staff. When we take a truck accident case, Mr. Oden and attorney Bradley Steele immediately begin an investigation, while the evidence is fresh.

No 18-wheeler accident is minor

A commercial trucking accident is never minor. Occupants of a car or SUV typically suffer catastrophic injuries such as quadriplegia or brain injury. Fatalities are common, and the initial car-truck collision may be followed by a multi-car pile-up. A single person often will have multiple claims, and it is essential they be coordinated properly to provide maximum benefit.

The cost of providing care for a person confined to a wheelchair or a long-term care facility, or replacing the loss of a wage-earner in a family will quickly exhaust benefits provided by any motor vehicle insurance policy. We will explore all possible sources to see that our client recovers maximum compensation. If the crash resulted from a defective tire or poor vehicle design, we will pursue a product liability claim. Our client may have a claim against the trucking company for negligent maintenance or hiring, as well as a claim against the driver for his own conduct in causing the collision.

Consultation With Attorney Brad Steele

If you have a personal injury claim, it is important to feel comfortable with your lawyer and to understand your options. We invite you to contact our Longview law office to arrange a consultation and case review. Mr. Steele will give you the information you need to make a well-informed decision about representation. Our firm serves clients throughout East Texas.